VIDAL SASSOON Ultraspeed Professional Hair Dryer VSD1887H

VIDAL SASSOON Ultraspeed Professional Hair Dryer VSD1887H

Introducing the VIDAL SASSOON Ultraspeed Professional Hair Dryer VSD1887H, the ultimate hair styling companion that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features.

This brushless motor hair dryer typically offers higher airflow and faster drying times. It significantly reduces drying time, making it ideal for those with busy schedules. The motor’s design allows for precise control of the airspeed and temperature settings, providing users with more versatility and control over hairstyling routine.

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Ultraspeed brushless motor

Despite its 1600W power rating, the high-speed brushless motor delivers exceptional performance. The brushless motor technology enables the dryer to operate at high speeds while maintaining consistent power, allowing for quick drying and styling.

Equipped with a high-speed brushless motor that reaches an astonishing 110,000 rpm, this hair dryer delivers a powerful airflow for quick and efficient drying. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to beautifully styled hair in record time!

Ionic technology

Say farewell to frizzy hair! The advanced ionic technology of the Ultraspeed Professional Hair Dryer works wonders in taming frizz and enhancing shine.

The negative ions generated by the dryer neutralize the positive ions in your hair, resulting in a sleek and polished finish.

Lightweight and Quiet

Weighing in at just around 370g, this light weight hair dryer is perfect for both professional salons and home use. You can effortlessly style your hair for extended periods without straining your arm.

Plus, the low noise level of 76dB ensures a peaceful styling experience.

Ergonomic design

Designed with a comfortable T-shape housing, this hair dryer ensures optimal balance and control during use. You’ll experience effortless styling sessions with reduced hand fatigue, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results with ease.

Variable heat/speed settings plus cool shot feature

Take control of your hair styling journey with the versatile heat and speed settings. Choose from 3 heat settings and 4 speed settings to customize the airflow and temperature according to your hair type and desired look.

The cool shot geature provides a burst of cool air to set your hairstyle in place.

Plus, the low noise level of 76dB ensures a peaceful styling experience.

Constant cool temperature

Worried about heat damage? Fear not! This hair dryer is equipped with a 24°C constant cool temperature feature that ensures your hair stays protected while you style.

Smart memory function

The Ultraspeed Professional Hair Dryer remembers your preferred heat and speed settings, thanks to its intelligent memory function. No more fussing with adjustments each time you turn it on – it’s ready to go with your personal settings!

Magnetic detachable attachments

The magnetic design makes attachment and detachment a breeze. Once attached, the magnetic connection ensures a secure and stable fit. This eliminates the need for complex mechanisms or twisting actions, saving you time and effort. This stability allows for precise styling and control without worrying about the attachments coming loose.

Two different sizes of nozzles

Comes with two different sizes of concentrator nozzles.

The slim styling (68x42mm) and wide drying (97x42mm) concentrator nozzles with rubberized sleeves allow for precise airflow.

With the rubberized sleeve – When rubberized sleeve is attached to the styling nozzle, it helps to concentrate and direct the airflow more precisely. This is particularly useful when you want to create sleek hairstyles, smooth out specific sections of hair, or achieve a polished look. The rubberized sleeve provides a gentle grip on the hair, allowing you to style with precision and control.

Without the rubberized sleeve – Removing the rubberized sleeve widens the airflow, creating a broader coverage area. This can be beneficial when you want to dry your hair quickly or add volume to your hair. The wider airflow disperses the heat and air more evenly, helping to lift and volumize your hair while still providing efficient drying.

Volumizing diffuser

Enhanced curl definition – The fingers or prongs of the diffuser are strategically placed to gently separate and lift the curls, allowing for more defined and bouncy results.

Voluminous results – By lifting the hair at the roots and dispersing the airflow, the diffuser adds volume to your curls. It helps to create a lifted and full-bodied look, making your curls appear more voluminous and adding dimension to your hairstyle.

Removable rear filter

Cleaning the hair dryer is a breeze with its removable rear filter. Simply detach it, clean out the collected lint and debris, and snap it back into place. It’s that easy!

1.8m long cord with hang-up loop

The 1.8m long cord provides ample reach and flexibility, giving you the freedom to move around while styling. The hang-up loop allows for easy storage, keeping your space neat and organized.

• 2 years warranty
• Official sole distributor in Malaysia
• Product certified with local authority approval (ST, SIRIM, etc.)