VIDAL SASSOON 1600W Moistwrap Hair Dryer VSP-1200PIH

VIDAL SASSOON 1600W Moistwrap Hair Dryer VSP-1200PIH

High performance 1600W with powerful airflow for ultra-fast drying power. New Vidal Sassoon MOISTWRAP Hair Dyer has been developed with Moistwrap technology by releasing a huge amount of positive and negative ions to create “Plasma protective shield” on the surface of hair for Moisture Retention and Protection. Hence, it creates smooth, shine and frizz-free results during the hair drying.

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Powerful 1600W for rapid drying and maximum airflow.

True cold air setting

Allow you to blast your hair with cool air when you’re nearly finished drying your hair to seal the cuticle for smooth, shiny hair.

Hair protection mode at 63°C

Maintains an optimal temperature to eliminate heat spots that damage the hair fiber while gentle for your scalp.

3 heat/speed settings

Variable heat/speed settings (II: quick dry mode; I: hair protection mode; *: cold air mode; 0: OFF) to dry your hair quickly and gently.

AC motor

An extremely high-performance motor provides the power for rapid drying and maximum airflow. AC motor lasts longer which approximately two times longer compared to standard DC motor.

Concentrator nozzle

To direct airflow control and also helps to cut down frizz.

Moistwrap technology

Releases a huge amount of Plasma (+ve and -ve ions) to create “Plasma Protective Shield” on the surface of hair for moisture retention and protection.

Foldable handle

For compact and easy storage.

Air attraction channel

Due to the air pressure differential, natural airflow and water molecules will be attracted into the channel to assist on Moistwrap Technology to create “Plasma Protective Shield”.

Multi voltage

A voltage range which can adapt to different regions and countries, broadly.

Optimized airflow system

Adapts the airflow efficiently to moisturize, smoothen and dry hair at the same time.

Detachable end cap

Detachable end cap for easy cleaning to maintain optimum performance.


Ionic technology conditions hair to reduce static. Negative ions provide protective coating to help lock in moisture and penetrate deep into hair cuticle.

Hanging loop

Allows you to store your hair dryer easily.

  • 2 years warranty
  • Official sole distributor in Malaysia
  • Product certified with local authority approval (ST, SIRIM, etc.)