Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology
Tools of Sassoon first introduces innovative advanced technology for styling and conditioning.


Brushless Motor
Brushless motors are a type of motor technology that offers several advantages over traditional brushed motors.

Brushless motors utilize electronic circuits and magnets to generate the rotational motion, eliminating the need for carbon brushes found in traditional brushed motor. This design provides several benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced noise and longer lifespan.

Offer higher airflow and faster drying times compared to hair dryers equipped with brushed motors. The motor’s design allows for precise control of the airspeed and temperature settings, providing more versatility and control over hairstyling routine.

Due to the advanced design, brushless motor hair dryers tend to be lighter in weight compared to traditional models. This makes them more comfortable to hold and manoeuvre, reducing the strain on your wrist and arm during extended drying sessions.


Ceramic Heat Conditioning

Gentle & Faster Styling Ion Conditioned Hair
Non-Ceramic Plates
Heat remains concentrated in one area
Pollutants that kill shine are usually positively charged
Ceramic Plates
Ceramic spreads heat across entire surface
Ceramic generated negatively charged molecules, closing the hair cuticle and cancelling static electricity so hair become smooth, finished and relaxed


Tourmaline CeramicTM

Tourmaline Ceramic technology features crushed tourmaline gem stone crystals infused with ceramic. Tourmaline after heat up emits more negative ions, which effectively neutralize static electricity for faster styling. Ceramic emits far-infrared rays helps evening heat distribution, temperature heat reduces damages to your hair.
Tourmaline after heat up emits more negative ions to remove hair-damaging positive ions and neutralize static electricity
Anti-microbial, static-free for healthy shine
Negative ions split water into smaller molecules that penetrate into hair shaft easily for true conditioning