About VS

Vidal Sassoon pairs the rich heritage of one of the world’s most celebrated hair stylist with the technological smarts of the world’s leading hair appliance company to bring you the best in hair styling and grooming products.

Drawing on an international salon styling heritage, Vidal Sassoon is now a classic fashion brand. Its enduring promise—to inspire customers to create salon professional results at home—acts as an internal compass for the brand and the business. This promise is not an ad. It’s not a tagline. It’s simply our promise to customers.

The Vidal Sassoon brand is inspirational, evolving, bold, simple and stylish. Vidal Sassoon is committed to continued innovation in the haircare market and is devoted to working with customers to help them achieve professional styling results at home.

Vidal Sassoon wants you to LOVE YOUR STYLE.

Conair is proud to partner with Vidal Sassoon in the design and development of hair styling and drying products.

Founded in 1959 in the US, Conair began as a small hair appliance and hair care company. Today it is one of the largest and most diversified consumer products companies in the world. This global leader in the manufacture and distribution of personal care, grooming, health and beauty products, and premium kitchen electrics, tools and cookware, is headquartered in East Windsor, New Jersey, with sales and marketing operations in Stamford, Connecticut.

The company puts innovation at the heart of everything it does. Conair is passionate about developing trendsetting products using innovative technologies, and continually improving upon its classic range.


Conair markets under a range of brands in both the home and professional use categories across six continents with sales in over eighty countries around the world.

Vidal Sassoon Milestone

Vidal Sassoon (1928-2012), Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), born in 1928, is an iconic figure of British hairdresser, credited with his geometric, “Bauhaus-inspired” hair style, also called the “bob”.

Due to his personal perception in hairstyling, he has been described as “a rock star, an artist, a craftsman who ‘changed the world with a pair of scissors.’” Quoted “Vidal Sassoon The Movie: How One Man Changed The World With a Pair of Scissors”. VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE, LLC. Retrieved 16 March 2011. With a pair of scissors, Sassoon has shaped the modern classic for more than half century.


The commercial nature of the Vidal Sassoon hair styles lead to growth in both business and his influential status within the hairdressing industry. In 60’s, Sassoon hair salon was the first to introduce handheld air blower and it’s become one of the most important gear for hair styling.


In 1976, an Olympic figure skater, Dorothy Hamill wearing a unique “Sassoon fringe” has led Sassoon a sensation in the world of sport and also in 70’s, Sassoon become one of the most recognized hairdressers in the world.


In 80’s, Sassoon stylists created a series of hair styles emphasizing the “instant”, reflecting the unique culture and extreme music style of the young generations, including 1985 Major Quiff, Rock’n Roll male singers styling, Blunt Bowl, and the re-creation of Beatles classic.


Echoing Sassoon’s idea of the first “Sassoon Hair Salon” magazine publication featuring the hairstyles “Only healthy hair can dance naturally” in the 90’s, the trend of hairstyling was back to smooth shapes and natural shine.


Vidal Sassoon Salon and Academy was established in Shanghai since year 2003. The hair styles and haircuts of Vidal Sassoon were all designed to be trendy and manageability.

Thanks to Sassoon’s vision, entire hair care product lines have been built around this philosophy of empowering women to take control and get salon professional results at home.


Vidal Sassoon is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company, used under license by Conair.